Alive at last!

The redesigned site is finally alive. Still moving some content.

And the bouncing 3LBSOB logo that has remained for so many years? It will live on here, and in the minds and hearts of our fans:

Three Pounds of Bakon logo

In other news, we will shortly have some more videos in Visuals section. Stay tuned.

I’m gooooing thruuu changee-eee-eess…

Time for Bakon to move into the 20th century and get on the MySpaceBooks and this social media thing! Major web site revamp, better access to tunes, etc. in the works. Can’t believe next year it will have been 10 years since our last show @ Good Hurt. Is it time for a reunion? Wait and see…


Yikes!┬áBakon gets a rude awakening. Today in looking at our web hosting we discovered someone in Japan had jacked our old original domain,, which we’ve owned for 10 years. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this soon. Lots of links broken for now, etc. Hang with us please, and sorry for the hassle!


Jingle Bellz

Happy Holidays from the Bakon family.┬áJust doing a little maintenance work to bring the site more into alignment with web standards. Hope y’all have a great New Year’s too! We’ll see what 2005 has in store for Bakon.