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PhotoBlaster for auction

A 'Blaster named Stephanie emailed me today to let me know of a 'Blaster that she placed on eBay for auction. Considering that they come up fairly rarely, here's a link to her auction.

Bidding is starting at a very reasonable $25. Good luck and happy 'Blasting. I hope that PB finds a happy new home, Stephanie!
Posted on Fri, 14 Sep 2012 04:42:00 +0000

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Why does this page exist?

I found out about the PhotoBlaster around May 1999. My friend brought one on a vacation trip I took with a bunch of friends, and it intrigued me immediately. I only got around to looking for one this month (June 2000), only to have a hard time finding any information about them. So I built this page as a resource and shrine for PhotoBlaster fans and enthusiasts, as well as fans of other "toy" cameras.

What is the PhotoBlaster?

The Nickelodeon PhotoBlaster (Long Hall Technologies model N6800) is a compact "kid's" camera which has the useful feature of being able to take 4 images onto a single 35mm frame of film, one shot at a time. Learn More about the history of this camera...